Bitcoin Pharmacy

You can get generic forms of Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra online with Bitcoin. This makes the buying of generic drugs online so easy. The following are a list of pharmacy stores online that accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. They are the main sellers of generic Viagra.

An alternative solution to buying Viagra is Bitcoin

So many people always desire new ways of buying generic drugs online because of the easy forms of payment. Payments made online through wire transfers are not easily blocked, although cannot be trusted.

Using these methods as means of payment online causes a direct link to bank account and this can be easy. The troubles of exchange rate makes buying Viagra online to be hectic.

Advantages of Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin is not regulated by any country. It also allows easy access for transactions. This currency is stored and kept in a virtual wallet online. You can access your bitcoin wallet using a phone. You can also do this with a computer. Bitcoin can be gotten through different services that can translate payments through checks and wire transfers.
  • Most online transactions accept bitcoin. No nation has control over bitcoin, therefore there are no exchange rates involved. You can use bitcoin to buy goods from any part of the world without going through the stress of bank transfers and exchange rate.
  • You are anonymous when using bitcoin to buy goods. This makes it good to buy and sell generic drugs online.
  • Online purchase of Viagra is usually cheaper.

Prescriptions are not required from online pharmacies

They would not ask for your doctor’s prescription to purchase medicine from them. They feel you are responsible for your health. Some of them will think the medicines you are ordering for, was once prescribed by your doctor.

What is needed when buying products for the first time online with bitcoin

When purchasing medicines at the pharmacy for the very first time, all you require is a way to make payment with Bitcoin. A Bitcoin wallet is always required for payment. When you lack a bitcoin wallet, there are other alternatives that can enable you to make a bitcoin transaction, though this works only once.

Authorized Age to buy medicine from pharmacies online

Rules and regulations guide the sale of drugs by online pharmacies. The authorized age for buying medicine online is 18 years.


  1. All you require to manage your transactions is a digital wallet. Bitcoin is a very easy way to make payments.
  2. Your doctor’s prescription is not needed for medication.
  3. Online scam can be avoided because your transactions are anonymous.
  4. It is very easy to use.
  5. Low fees when transacting.
  6. If you have a bitcoin wallet, you can pay for medicines from any part of the world.

Cons of Bitcoin pharmacy

  1. Bitcoin payment cannot be reversed. Whenever you make any transaction and you need a refund, you can only get it from the online pharmacy you made bitcoin transactions with.
  2. The products you order online will take time before it is delivered.
  3. Payments cannot be reversed within the early stage of transaction.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a process where a man finds it hard to get an erection. This is also known as impotence. This is caused by blood not flowing freely to the penis. As a result of this men cannot get proper erection during sex.

A lot of men in the world are suffering from this problem. In the United States alone, there are millions of men who are affected by this problem. For some men, it happens just once in a while.


This is a drug that enables the muscles in your blood vessels to relax. Viagra also increases the flow of blood to specific areas of your body. This drug is usually used to treat impotency in men.

Revatio is a drug that can be used to treat hypertension and enhance the capacity of exercising in women and men. Revatio is the second most famous medication in the world. Viagra is the most popular medicine for treating erectile dysfunction.